02 April 2023
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Ph.D (Ec) Svetlana Tereshchenko
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Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University > INSTITUTE OF FOREST AND NATURAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT


Direc­tor of the Institute

Seli­v­anov Ana­toly Arkhipovich

Aca­d­e­m­ic rank: Assis­tant professor

Aca­d­e­m­ic degree: Ph.D. (Agri­cul­ture)

Tel.: +7 (812) 670–93-18



Mem­bers of the Insti­tute are:

  • Depart­ment of For­est Inven­to­ry, For­est Inven­to­ry and Geoin­for­ma­tion Systems
  • Depart­ment of Gen­er­al Ecol­o­gy, Anato­my and Phys­i­ol­o­gy of Plants
  • Depart­ment of Infor­ma­tion Sys­tems and Technologies
  • Depart­ment of For­est Pro­tec­tion, Wood Sci­ence and Hunting
  • Depart­ment of Botany and Dendrology
  • Depart­ment of Soil Sci­ence and Forestry
  • Depart­ment of Forestry
  • Depart­ment of Geo­desy, Land Man­age­ment and Cadastre

The Insti­tute con­ducts training:

  • Full-time stud­ies: Bach­e­lors (4 years), Mas­ters (6 years);
  • Extra-mur­al (5 years);
  • short­ened form of train­ing based on sec­ondary voca­tion­al edu­ca­tion (3.5 years)

The stu­dents of Bachelor’s degree are trained in:

  • 05.03.06 Ecol­o­gy and nature management
  • 06.03.01 Biol­o­gy
  • 09.03.02 Infor­ma­tion sys­tems and technologies
  • 21.03.02 Land man­age­ment and cadastres
  • 35.03.01 Forestry
  • 35.03.02 Tech­nol­o­gy of log­ging and wood pro­cess­ing industries

Direc­tions of Mas­ter’s pro­gram are:

  • 09.04.02 Infor­ma­tion sys­tems and technologies
  • 35.04.01 Forestry
  • 35.04.02 Tech­nol­o­gy of log­ging and wood pro­cess­ing industries

The stu­dents of the cor­re­spon­dence form are trained in:

  • 25.02.01 Forestry
  • 25.04.01 For­est Engineering

The per­son­nel of high­er spe­cial­iza­tion is trained in:

  • 06.06.01 Bio­log­i­cal Sciences
  • 09.06.01 Com­put­er sci­ence and com­put­er facilities
  • 35.06.02 Forestry
  • 35.06.04 Tech­nolo­gies, means of mech­a­niza­tion and pow­er equip­ment in agri­cul­ture, forestry and fisheries