02 July 2022
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Health Insurance

It is strong­ly rec­om­mend­ed that all stu­dents have med­ical insur­ance for the peri­od of study­ing (most­ly for one year, lat­er they pro­long its valid­i­ty). It allows to save mon­ey and get med­ical assis­tance in pub­lic med­ical insti­tu­tions of Saint-Peters­burg. This pol­i­cy con­tains a memo with emer­gency phone num­bers in case of insur­ance event (ill­ness, injury, etc.) and a list of med­ical insti­tu­tions where you can get med­ical assis­tance free of charge.

REMEMBER! You will not get free med­ical help with­out the insur­ance policy.