02 April 2023
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Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University > Faculty of landscape architecture

Faculty of landscape architecture

The fac­ul­ty was estab­lished in 2011on the basis of the Depart­ment of Gar­den­ing and Land­scape Design. It trains bach­e­lor stu­dents who become high­ly qual­i­fied spe­cial­ists in design, build­ing and exploita­tion of plan­ta­tions, land­scape gar­den­ing and architecture.

Edu­ca­tion at the fac­ul­ty is a cre­ative process. Stu­dents mas­ter graph­ic com­put­er pro­grams, design gar­dens and parks, devel­op new approach­es in land­scape design, enjoy field prac­tice in Adler City, acquire Euro­pean expe­ri­ence dur­ing prac­ti­cal train­ing in Swe­den and Fin­land, active­ly work in the stu­dent sci­en­tif­ic soci­ety StILI.

The fac­ul­ty active­ly coop­er­ates with pro­fes­sion­al orga­ni­za­tions in Rus­sia, such as Saint Peters­burg Asso­ci­a­tion of Land­scape Archi­tects, Asso­ci­a­tion of Land­scape Archi­tects of Rus­sia, Inter­na­tion­al Fed­er­a­tion of Land­scape Archi­tects, Euro­pean Fed­er­a­tion of Land­scape Archi­tec­ture (EFLA), Euro­pean Coun­cil of Land­scape Schools (ECLAS), and also with for­eign uni­ver­si­ties, such as Swedish Uni­ver­si­ty of Agri­cul­tur­al Sci­ences (SLU), New Zealand Uni­ver­si­ty of Lin­coln, Har­vard Uni­ver­si­ty, Uni­ver­si­ty of Applied Sci­ences in Fin­land (HAMK), and Vil­nius University.

Grad­u­ates of the fac­ul­ty are mul­ti­func­tion­al high­ly qual­i­fied work­ers. Sphere of their activ­i­ties is very wide: arrange­ment of open land­scapes, envi­ron­men­tal design, plan­ning, design, build­ing and main­te­nance of land­scape objects, their recon­struc­tion, super­vi­sion and con­trol, mon­i­tor­ing of the state inven­to­ry, cadas­tral eval­u­a­tion, pro­tec­tion and recov­ery of plan­ta­tions in sub­ur­ban and urban landscapes.
Fields of training


Grad­u­ates of the fac­ul­ty work in Saint Peters­burg Admin­is­tra­tion (Land­scape Devel­op­ment Depart­ment of the Com­mit­tee of Improve­ment, the Com­mit­tee of State Con­trol, Exploita­tion and Pro­tec­tion of Mon­u­ments of Cul­ture and His­to­ry, Com­mit­tee of City Build­ing and Archi­tec­ture), in state muse­um pre­serves and oth­er his­tor­i­cal gar­dens and parks, land­scape enter­pris­es, design bureaus, nurs­eries, green­house com­plex­es, land­scape com­pa­nies, etc. in Rus­sia and abroad.


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