17 April 2021
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The museum was founded by AA Silantev and A. N. Kholodkovsky  approximately in 1895-1898, when expositions were created and stuffed birds and animals were acquired for the first time. The collection occupies 160 square meters. The museum is conceived as an educational exposition of forest animals and birds, their biological features, as well as an exhibition of hunting equipment. The basis of the Museum is a systematic collection, represented by the most important classes and families of forest birds and mammals.

The exposition of mammals includes representatives of orders of predatory, rodents, lagiformes, insectivores, artiodactyls, bats and other animals.

The most complete is the class of birds: in the collection there are species of passerines, chickens, day-old birds of prey, owls, Charadriiformes, anseriformes.

In the museum there are more than 1000 stuffed birds and animals, horns of 50 species of ungulate mammals, a collection of fingerprints of 60 species of birds and animals, a collection of eggs of more than 70 bird species, 30 tools for obtaining animals, 50 bird nests, about 50 items of hunting gear, birch bark, two pairs of freight sledges, a phonoteque of birds’ voices.

FEU teachers actively use the collections of the Museum for conducting study sessions with university students, students of other forestry and biological universities, it is visited by domestic and foreign scientists, delegations studying the setting of the educational process at the university, the guests of the university. The Museum organizes excursions for schoolchildren as part of career guidance programs. In the years 2004-2005, the museum was thoroughly renovated. His collections are constantly replenished.