07 June 2023
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Visa Support


All for­eign­ers must be reg­is­tered in the Migra­tion Police depart­ment with­in 7 work­ing days after their arrival. Your doc­u­ments are col­lect­ed by the staff of the Visa and reg­is­tra­tions Depart­ment and brought to the Migra­tion Ser­vice. To pro­vide this you should come to the Visa and reg­is­tra­tions Depart­ment SPSFTU next work­ing day after your arrival.

For reg­is­tra­tion the fol­low­ing doc­u­ments are requiered:

  1. Pass­port (orig­i­nal) and copies of each page; the first page (with pho­to), page with visa — 2 copies;
  2. Migra­tion card (orig­i­nal) and 2 copies of it.
  3. A tick­et to Rus­sia (upon the request)

You will get migra­tion card while cross­ing the bor­der. It is an impor­tant doc­u­ment, don’t lose it or throw away, you will be asked to give it back each time when you leave Rus­sia. Please check that your name and sur­name are writ­ten cor­rect­ly and com­plete­ly, and that your Pur­pose of Trav­el in the migra­tion card is Edu­ca­tion («Учёба»). If any infor­ma­tion is incor­rect, please, ask bor­der con­trol offi­cer for correction.

If inter­na­tion­al stu­dents are plan­ning to stay in the tran­sit city on their way to Saint Peters­burg (for exam­ple Moscow), they have to keep and bring their hotel/hostel and trans­port tick­ets to the Visa and reg­is­tra­tions Department.

You will be reg­is­tered until the date of valid­i­ty of your visa and, if your peri­od of intend­ed stay is longer, you will have to pro­long your visa and reg­is­tra­tion. Please note that you should apply for the visa pro­lon­ga­tion one and a half month before the ter­mi­na­tion of your cur­rent visa valid­i­ty. Please, remem­ber that for your visa pro­lon­ga­tion the valid­i­ty of your pass­port must be more than 18 months at the time you apply for it.


We ask you to be care­ful with the reg­is­tra­tion, and to not miss the expiry date. To have your visa extend­ed you need to hand in the fol­low­ing doc­u­ments 45 days before the date of visa expiry:

  • You will need to sub­mit the fol­low­ing documents:
  • Pass­port (orig­i­nal) and two copies of each page
  • Migra­tion card (orig­i­nal) and two copies
  • Reg­is­tra­tion card, show­ing the date of your reg­is­tra­tion in Rus­sia and 2 copies
  • 1matt pho­to (size 3x4)
  • Receipt of paid fee of 1600 rubles for mul­ti visa

You have to make sure you have enough time to have your visa extend­ed. Please, note that stu­dents who for no rea­son fail to do so will be required to return home.



If you vis­it oth­er cities dur­ing your stay, please, remem­ber that reg­is­tra­tion in oth­er cities is only com­pul­so­ry, if you stay there for more than 1 week. Nev­er­the­less, hotels and hos­tels might reg­is­ter you even if you stay for a short­er peri­od of time. There­fore, please inform the
 Visa and reg­is­tra­tions Depart­mentafter you come back to Saint Peters­burg after your trip and bring your doc­u­ments for checking.

If you go either home for vaca­tion, or for prac­ti­cal train­ing, or just some­where out­side the city for week­ends (Moscow or any oth­er Russ­ian city), you should inform the about it. It is nec­es­sary even if you have got a mul­ti­ple-entry visa and you don’t cross the Russ­ian bor­der. When you come back you must be reg­is­tered again with­in 7 days.

You are kind­ly asked to keep the tick­ets and board­ing pass­es which con­firm your trip. We are ready to assist you in any relat­ed issues.

Always noti­fy Visa and reg­is­tra­tions Depart­ment about your new address! Your res­i­dence address and reg­is­tra­tion address must be the same. In case you move please pro­vide your new address to Visa and reg­is­tra­tions Depart­ment.

It is advis­able to have your pass­port, reg­is­tra­tion card copies and the con­tact person’s phone in the uni­ver­si­ty with you in case you need it.

If you have any ques­tions or dif­fi­cul­ties, don’t hes­i­tate to con­tact us:

Mak­sim Kanishchev
Phone: +7 (931) 592–28–89
E‑mail: maksytip@mail.ru