07 June 2023
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Travelling to St Petersburg

St. Peters­burg is the west­ern­most city in Rus­sia. And at the same time the most Russ­ian. It sym­bol­izes the his­to­ry, pol­i­tics and cul­ture of the coun­try over the past 300 years, brighter and stronger than Moscow.

The tra­di­tion­al and most con­ve­nient way to get to St. Peters­burg is by plane that arrives at Pulko­vo air­port. Air­planes fly not only from dif­fer­ent cities of the world, but also from dif­fer­ent con­ti­nents of Europe, Asia and Africa. You can also fly by plane from Moscow, which flies sev­er­al times a day for 1.5 hours and oth­er cities of Russia.

You can get from Pulko­vo air­port to the city cen­ter or the uni­ver­si­ty dor­mi­to­ry by pub­lic trans­port: bus + metro. In time it can take from 1 hour to 1.5 hours. The total cost will be $ 1.5

All well-known taxi net­works oper­ate in the city — Yan­dex Go, Uber and Get­Taxi. True, it is bet­ter not to order Get­Taxi from the air­port, since they have their own park­ing lot on the ter­ri­to­ry of Pulko­vo, the total cost with lug­gage can be $ 4–7.

From Europe you can come by direct train or bus, which also come sev­er­al times a day. One of the most bud­getary options to get to St. Peters­burg is a bus trans­fer. For exam­ple, on Eco­l­ines or Lux­Ex­press with a cost from 15 $.