17 April 2021
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• The «LESOPILKA» Student Labor Detachment
10 reasons to join the Student Labor Detachment

1. Everything is real in a Student Labor Detachment! The Labor Detachment is not a game. This is a real job for real money with real responsibility: for passengers, for children in camps, for the constructions, which are built or repaired.

2. Thousands of young people and teen agers do not waste their time at the computers every summer. They work and earn money (depending on their skills and qualifications), they get experience in the field that may become their specialty (builder, conductor, counselor). There are no addicts in Student Labor Detachments as they are not attracted by our laborious atmosphere.

3. You can become the leader of a Student Labor Detachment and get a unique opportunity in the student’s years to find out how it is to lead a team. The commander and the commissar are real managers. They develop plans, determine time and volume of the work to be done, as well as they indicate how and who will carry out the planned actions (commands of Student Labor Detachment members), develop procedures (technologies), and exercise control. All in all, they carry out all the traditional functions of a leader: the information basis development (to set the language, world system, and image), planning, setting tasks, training and development, motivation and stimulation, control. And the most important thing is that they learn to take decisions.

4. There are many organizations teaching leadership and management in lectures. Our members acquire these skills in real life. It is well known that only the best can become leaders and heads. Our members know how to obey and to subordinate common rules and traditions, so they will be able to adapt themselves easily to changing life conditions and new jobs after graduating from our higher educational establishment. The discipline is not just a word for our members («no alcohol law», meetings, votes, etc.). The participants of Student Labor Detachments know from the very beginning, what are the Charter and the Ethical Code of a Student Labor Detachment, the structure, procedures, their rights and duties. As the ancient Romans used to say: «Keep the order and it will save you».

5. The training is an advantage of the Student Labor Detachment life! The training can be different: both professional activities, and management skills, teamwork skills, communication skills with employers and presentations. The professional skill competitions are carried out on regular basis (the best counselor, conductor, and builder).

6. If a young person is inclined to social activities, he/she will have the opportunity to realize his/her abilities in this direction. Charitable activities, assistance to children, veterans, patronage of children’s institutions, work with problem kids and with groups of senior high school students are the main directions of their activity, in which the Members are engaged all the year round.

7. You will be able to develop and realize your creative potential in various aspects. To do this, we have all the conditions and hold a number of creative events.

8. You will get into the unique cultural atmosphere of team movement and the traditions, which have been developed and cultivated for decades.

9. The Student Labor Detachments develop kindness, mutual assistance, friendship for many years. The young people, who passed this school, will never stay alone in this world.

10. And, finally, every third member of a Student Labor Detachment creates a strong and united family. And their grown–up children also join the Student Labor Detachment movement, often re-establishing their parents’ Detachments.

Terms and concepts

Student Labor Detachments of St. Petersburg represent a movement with a 65-year history. The organization unites more than 1500 students – members of Student Labor Detachments of various types in all higher educational establishments of the City. If we counted all the people, who have been members of Student Labor Detachments, we will gather more than 300 thousand persons!

The SPbFTU «Student Labor Detachments of St. Petersburg» is a serious organization enjoying prestige among employers, authorities and the population. The Charter of the organization spells out all the fundamental principles and provisions. The history of the Student Labor Detachments is the history of Russia. A lot of outstanding persons in our country started their public activities in Student Labor Detachments. Many of them became well-known politicians, successful businessmen, scientists and popular musicians.

What is a Line Student Labor Detachment?

The Line Student Labor Detachment is a voluntary non-political association of students, established for joint production, public-educational and cultural activities. In other words, this is a constantly updated team of students, who do various kinds of work during their third semester. They earn money and live an active life in the preparatory period. They participate in various events, competitions, studies, communications with other detachments.

What are the types of Student Labor Detachments?

There are 4 main types:

1. Student Construction Detachments (SCD). They perform construction and installation works in summer time on the basis of contract agreements and labor agreements with economic organizations;

2. Student Conductor Detachments (SCD). They work as conductors of passenger railway cars;

3. Student Pedagogical Detachments (SPD). They work as heads of children’s groups in summer health camps;

4. Student Service Detachments (SSD). They render different kinds of services: shopping, travel, flight attendant, propaganda, promoters and others.

Life in the Student Detachment

If accepted, each applicant becomes a member at first. Gradually, he/she shows himself/ herself worth, can take any office in the Detachment: the commander, the commissar, the master, the methodologist, the commandant and so on. If you show activity and initiative, you will gain authority; you will be able to grow further — to become one of the leaders or specialists of the Headquarters of the University Student Detachment or Specialized Headquarters and even the City Staff of Student Detachments in St. Petersburg.

During the preparatory period, the training is actively conducted in various areas: vocational training on specialty, in which the Student Detachment members work in the virgin land (construction, conductor of a passenger car, counselor), training of the Student Detachment commander (commander, commissar), training of Student Detachment specialists (master, methodologist, commandant). Alongside with the education received at University, the Student Labor Detachment members will acquire additional knowledge in their second occupation and in effective management.



Many students of the Forest Technical University in Saint Petersburg were asked one and the same question: «What is Zelenka?». Their answers were surprising: thick bushes … the brilliant green (antiseptic) applied to the wound… last name … tetraethyl-4,4-diaminotriphenylmethane oxalate …, etc.  But only few of them said: «Zelenka is a world of summer camp, childhood, laughter, friends, unforgettable stories and emotions …»

What kind of life awaits you, if you come to the school of summer camp mastery and become a part of the Detachment? It will be bright, unforgettable and energetic.

During the whole academic year, you will have the opportunity to come up with various creative numbers, shoot video tapes, play and win sports competitions, spend the nights singing to the guitar at the bonfire, learn to orientate yourself in the night forest, participate in trainings and departures of active members from all the City. And in summer time, the camp, a hard shoulder of your fellow worker and many children will be waiting for you. Having worked a shift in a children’s camp, you will:

— be aware of all new movies and musical trends;

— get acquainted with Zimburella;

— find new friends;

— find out what the Student Summer Camp software is, the members’ circle, morning conference;

— learn more 10 camp dances and more;

— count your summer camp children more than 1000 times;

— make a steep wall newspaper without Whatman paper and any colors;

— answer the questions: Why does a cow eat grass and the horse does not? Does the Scarecrow stay under the bed? How many salad helpings can a summer camp leader eat at one time?  You will be able find the answer to the question: «Shall we eat today?»

Thus, we have derived the following formula:

Emotions + communication + creativity + camp = The «Zelenka» Student Summer Camp.

The life of the Student Summer Camp Detachment is a small world that we (the members) create every day and it creates each of us in turn.