17 April 2021
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The Department of Physical Education and Sports at our University is one of the leading in St. Petersburg thanks to the high skill of lectures and coaches. There are 20 full-time lectures  and 22 leading trainers-specialists in various sports. Most of them have academic degrees or sports ranks.

  • There are 25 sports groups at University, such as athletics, football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, handball, rugby, motor sport, tennis, skiing, all kinds of martial arts, sports tourism and many others. They are attended by more than 400 students.
  • The Athletics group is one of the strongest at University. There were trained 11 future champions of Russia among the young sportsmen. In 2012, N. Antykh won the Olympic Championship at 400 meter distance race with barriers.
  • The European boxing champion D. Tsaruk and World champion in kickboxing A. Berdnikov were trained at University.
  • The University student team is a 15-time champion in sport car all-round events among the City universities; our graduates I. Borodulin and S. Monakhov won the Champion title of Russia in this kind of sport.
  • Hockey players and football players of the University are multiple winners of the Championships of Universities in St. Petersburg, other students’ major competitions, including the championships of the Soviet Union and Russia.
  • The team of rugby athletes has repeatedly won the title of Champion in St. Petersburg among Universities, its players are part of the Russian National Rugby Team.
  • The girls’ basketball team won silver medals in streetball competitions at the First All-Russian Student Sport Festival.
  • The sportsmen of Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University have been winning prizes in complex interuniversity events for many years.