25 November 2020
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Postgraduates Studies

The training of post-graduate students (a Ph.D. level) in St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University is conducted in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standards of Higher Education in 7 training programs and 13 program tracks (full-time study):

1) Training program 04.06.01 – Chemical sciences:

– Program track: 02.00.03 – Organic chemistry (4 years);

2) Training program 06.06.01 – Biological Sciences:

– Program track: 03.02.01 – Botany (4 years),

– Program track: 03.02.05 – Entomology (4 years),

– Program track: 03.02.08 – Ecology (4 years);

3) Training program: 09.06.01 – Informatics and computer facilities:

– Program track: 05.13.01 – System analysis, management and processing of information (4 years);

4) Training program: 20.06.01 – Technospheric safety:

– Program track: 05.26.01 – Labor protection (4 years);

5) Training program: 35.06.02 – Forestry:

– Program track: 06.03.01 – Silviculture, selection, seed production (4 years);

– Program track: 06.03.02 – Forest science, forestry, forest management and forest taxation (4 years);

– Program track: 06.03.03 – Agrosilviculture, settlements’ protective afforestation and landscaping, forest fires and their control (4 years);

6) Training program: 35.06.04 – Technologies, mechanical appliances and power equipment in agriculture, forestry and fishery:

– Program track: 05.21.01 – Technology and machines for logging and forestry (3 years),

– Program track: 05.21.03 – Technology and equipment for wood biomass chemical processing; wood chemistry (3 years),

– Program track: 05.21.05 – Wood science, technology and wood processing equipment (3 years);

7) Training program: 38.06.01 – Economics:

– Program track: 08.00.05 – Economics and management of national economy (3 years).


Russian and foreign citizens with higher professional education (Specialists [5 years] or M. Sci. levels; not B. Sci.) and creative scientific achievements might be admitted to the Postgraduates Studies Programs on a competitive basis with the training costs covered by the State budget of the Russian Federation. Persons, who did not pass through the competition, might be admitted to the Postgraduates Studies Programs on a paid basis (with full training costs). Persons without citizenship are admitted to the Postgraduates Studies Programs on the general grounds providing documents confirming the eligibility of their stay in the Russian Federation (See: the «Graduate School Admission» Section; http://spbftu.ru/aspirantura/o-prieme-vaspiranturu- 2 /).

The post-graduate (Ph.D.) students enrolled in the full-time training with the training costs covered by the State budget of the Russian Federation are paid stipend starting from the enrollment date.

The post-graduate (Ph.D.) students’ individual research plans and topics of theses (dissertations) are approved by the Rector of St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University.

The scientific supervisor controls the implementation of the post-graduate (Ph.D.) student’s approved individual research plan. The scientific supervisor is appointed by the Rector of the University for each post-graduate (Ph.D.) student simultaneously with his/her enrollment to the University. Non-resident full-time post-graduate students are provided with a room (shared) in a dormitory.

The Ph.D. examinations (in a special discipline, history and philosophy of science and a foreign language) are conducted during the intermediate certification period in the autumn and spring sessions (see: the «Intermediate Certification» section http://spbftu.ru/aspirantura/promezhutochnaya-attestatsiya/).

Currently, some 100 post-graduate (Ph.D.) students are trained in St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University.

Should you have any questions concerning the Postgraduates Studies (a Ph.D. level), please, contact the Department of Advanced Training and Graduate Studies (spbftu.ru/aspirantura/) or directly the Head of this Department Prof. Dmitry Musolin (musolin@gmail.com).