07 May 2021
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PhD in economics, Docent, МВА (Rutgers University, USA)

Contacts: Tel: +7(812)670-9260; Email: icffi@spbftu.ru; Website: en.spbftu.ru/icffi; Postal address: 194021, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Institutsky pereulok 5, ICFFI


The International Center for Forestry and Forest Industry (ICCFI) was established in 1995 on the basis of St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University (SPbSFTU) by the Order of the State Committee for Higher Education of Russia. The center is part of the system of international cooperation of Russian university education

The purpose of the Center

The purpose of the Center is to develop international educational, scientific, and technical cooperation, as well as entrepreneurial activities with educational institutions and firms of foreign countries with entry into the world education, science, business and joint development of scientific and technical products.

Field of activity

The main areas of activity of the Center are the following branches of the forest sector: forestry and gardening (including environmental issues); forest exploitation; wood chemistry; mechanical technology of wood; machines and technologies in forestry and timber industry; economics of the forestry sector; information systems and communications in the forest sector

The main activities of the Center

In the field of education:
• study, analysis and assessment of the systems used in the world in the pre-university (schools, colleges, technical schools), university (universities, academies, institutes) and postgraduate (advanced training centers) education of forest specialists. Development and participation in the implementation of international training programs for forest specialists;
• participation in training of foreign and Russian students and specialists in Russian and foreign languages, including those oriented towards work in joint ventures and foreign firms;
• exchange of teachers, graduates and post-graduate students participating in theoretical and practical classes to study advanced technology and gardening, forestry and logging operations, mechanical and chemical processing of wood and wood materials, management and marketing;
• creation of specialized curricula, training and educational programs for students and specialists of the industry to study advanced equipment and environmentally friendly technologies from the leading foreign companies;
• mutual exchange of trainees (graduate students, teachers) to master advanced methods of organizing the educational process and achievements in the field of forest technologies.

In the field of science:
• involvement of Russian and foreign scientists and engineers for joint research and development, organization of large-scale research and development work and international projects;
• organization of international scientific and technical conferences and seminars and publication of scientific papers in Russian and foreign sources.

In the field of production and commercial activities:
• establishing business ties between Russian and foreign entrepreneurs for the development of mutually beneficial entrepreneurial activities in the different branches of the forest sector. Assistance in the application of advanced technologies in forestry, logging and wood processing enterprises;
• provision of consulting and information services regarding the forest products market in Russia and abroad. Developing recommendations for the allocation of foreign capital in the Russian forest sector;
• organization and support of business trips of foreign entrepreneurs to the forestry, woodworking, pulp and paper and wood chemical enterprises in Russia and abroad;
• shared participation in the production activities of enterprises and organizations, including foreign ones;
• trade and intermediary activities, including with foreign partners.
Other activities not prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation and meeting the interests of the University development

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