24 February 2021
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Head of department for work with foreign students



Goals and objectives

FTU has been training foreign citizens since 1953. Over the years, more than 3 thousand foreign specialists have been issued for 47 countries of the world, many of which currently hold leading positions and a leading position in the forestry, scientific institutions and universities of the forest complex.

633 foreign students from 32 countries of the world — Asia, Europe and the America on a state line and with full reimbursement for training costs, as well as those who arrived on general grounds, were studying at FTU. They are full-time and part-time students, graduate students, students of the preparatory department for foreign citizens.

The purpose of the department for working with foreign students is to organize the provision of foreign citizens stay during their studies at FLTU.


The main tasks:

  • Attraction of foreign citizens to study at FTU together with the admission committee;
  • Preparation of documents for issuing invitations for foreign citizens to enter the Russian Federation for the purpose of studying at FTU;
  • Introduction for foreign citizens with the legislation of the Russian Federation concerning the rules for the stay of foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation, the charter of the University, and also monitors the implementation of the rules specified in the listed documents;
  • Statement on the migration registration foreign citizens, studying at FTU in the territorial body of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, monitoring the validity of passports and other documents of foreign citizens;
  • Preparation of multiple entry visas on the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • Assistance for foreign students in completing the procedure for establishing the equivalence of the level of education received at home to the level of Russian education (nostrification);
  • Controlling of the dormitory hosting for foreign students in the hostel and assists in resolving issues in a hostel;
  • Preparation of education contracts for study at FTU;
  • Organizing control of the passage of a medical test by foreign students at FTU, monitoring the availability of existing medical insurance policies for foreign students of the university;
  • Organizing meetings with foreign students on the issues of study at FTU and implementation of rules for staying on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Keeping records of foreign students in FTU, forms reports on the composition of the contingent of foreign students for all forms of education;
  • Conduction office work of the department, forms personal affairs of foreign students with regard to migration issues, and also interacts with Embassies (consulates) of foreign states in the Russian Federation, with the Ministry of Education and Science, with the Department of State Policy in Higher Education on the issues of teaching foreign citizens:
  • Supervision the compliance of foreign students with the rules of internal regulations in FTU, the rules for the stay of foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation, the requirements of Russian legislation;
  • Assisting in familiarizing foreign students with the culture and traditions of the peoples of Russia and interacting with fellow diaspora on issues related to study, living conditions and security.



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