07 May 2021
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Courses in English

Courses taught in English

Name of the  teacher Department Lectures Language
1. Alexander Alekseev Forest inventory, forest management and GIS Forest Management
Forest Inventory
Forest ecosystems modeling
2. Alexander Liubimov Forest inventory, forest management and GIS Remote sensing in Forestry
Forest Management
3. Mikhail Gurianov Forest inventory, forest management and GIS Forest Management English


4. Dmitrii Chernikhovskii


Forest inventory, forest management and GIS Forest Management
GIS technologies
Remote sensing in Forestry
5. Elena Potokina Soil Sciences and Forestry Selection of forest cultures
New technologies in  genome research of forest cultures
6. Evgenii Kuzneztov Forest Sciences Forestry in Russia
Forest use
Forest fire protection
Forest harvesting operations and forest regeneration
7. Alexander Dobrovolskii Forest Sciences Forest Policy
8. Anatolii Gryazkin Forest Sciences Non-wood forest products
9. Ekaterina Kapizta General ecology, anatomy and physiology of plants Planning of nature protected territories English
10. Ekaterina Shorokhova General ecology, anatomy and physiology of plants Biogeocenology English
11. Maxim Chubinskii General ecology, anatomy and physiology of plants Modern problems of forestry English
12. Andrei Selikhovkin Forest protection and wood sciences Forest entomology and forest protection English
13. Dmitry Musolin Current climate change and insects Forest entomology and forest protection English
14. Vasilii Neshtaev Botany Geobotany
15. Natalia Morozova Economic theory and accounting Taxation in Russian Federation
Basics of financial accounting in Russia
16. Svetlana Tereshchenko Economic theory and accounting SME in forest sector in Russia
Analyses of financial statements
17. Dmitrii Ponomarev Chemistry Organic chemistry
Chemistry of terpenes
18. Alexander Vasiliev Chemistry Organic chemistry
Instrumental Methods for Analysis of Organic Compounds
19. Mariya Sanzhieva Chemistry Organic chemistry English
20. Dmitrii Vedernikov Technology of wood-chemical products Extractive  components of harvested birch waste English
21. Natalia Zanko Biotechnospheric Safety Green chemistry and ecology English
22. Anatolii Chubinskii Wood based materials and constructions technologies Production and consumption of wood products.
Wood-based materials for construction.
Forest products markets
23. Kuprianova Alexandra Landscape architecture Landscape gardening English
24. Nadya Kerimova Landscape architecture Landscape design and environment sustainability English
25. Alexander Kryukovskiy Landscape architecture Spatial research in Landscape architecture : Space Syntax Theory applications English
26. Elena Golosova Landscape architecture Gardens of southeast Asia English
27. Anna Bubnova Landscape architecture Environmental design English
28. Julia Bobritzkaya Foreign languages Ecological tourism in Russia and St. Petersburg: present situation, perspectives and options. Ecological education: ecological awareness in different countries.
Intercultural communication
Intercultural communication in historical aspect.
Motivation techniques and instruments in education.
29. Lev Utkin Mathematical methods in management Ethernet Network Design
Integral assessment of the quality of timber products
30. Igor Eliseev Mathematical methods in management Wireless Network Design
Methods of Statistical control and quality management
31. Boris Shifrin Mathematical methods in management Network Security
Principles of quality control of products in production
32. Varvara Bazueva Construction and design  The aspects of creative development of students in extracuriculunm education
Drawings in landscape architecture
Color as means of communication
Basics of the  sand drawing
Sand drawing – communication through creation
Some aspects of influence of creative environment on students
33. Taisiya Garbuzova Economic theory and accounting Sustainable development
Ecological management
Ecological tourism
Protected areas
34. Olga Shaitarova Economics of wood processing Forest products markets English
35. Sofia Kalinina Construction and design Architectural ensembles of St. Petersburg of 1780-1830. Classicism
History of Russian architecture and  urban planning
History of  construction, destruction and restoration of monastery Nikandrova pustin in Pskov region
Method of the attribution.  New testimonies about architect of The Church of the Holy Martyr Irina in the village Volgovo in the Leningrad region
36. Anna-Anastasiya Krylova Construction and design Russian  art-historical thought and the art of Netherland of15th – beginning of 16th centuries
Portrait drawing in the Early-Netherlandish art
37. Anton Kylosov Construction and design The modern ways in visualization of 3D-models English
38. Ekaterina Levashko Construction and design The evolution of the public-business space. Modern socially-innovative center by example practical projecting English
39. Alexey Parygin Construction and design The history of Russian prints
The artist’s book in Russia
Posturbanism  as  idea
The history of Russian silkscreen
40. Tatiana Charseeva Construction and design The historical  genesis of the nowadays urban planning in Russia)
Soviet constructivist architecture
41. Egor Chitrov Mathematical methods in management English