07 May 2021
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Areas of Research

Today, there are a number of scientific schools and directions at the St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University, the results of research on which are already used in production, or are close to implementation in the timber industry complex. They cover almost all areas of the forestry complex from forestry activities to deep chemical processing of wood.

The most important areas of research:

— development of a system of forest management activities, including selective cutting  and integrated forest management;

— Development of innovative technologies for advanced wood materials that meet the requirements for ecology, energy consumption, efficiency and economics, development of new technologies for fire and biomass protection of wood composite materials, including wood boards and plywood;

— modern innovative methods and means of quality control of technology and wood products;

— creation of innovative methods for organizing forest transport infrastructure and timber industry logistics;

— creation of an integrated technology for the use of hardwood and low-grade wood, wood waste to produce products for medicine, agriculture and technical goods, including fuel ethanol, xylitol, biologically active substances and other products;

— development of new strategic methods for the synthesis of organic compounds based on wood components and their decay components;

— creation of modern methods of forest inventory and management based on application of mathematical modeling, geoinformation technologies and remote sensing data;

— forecasting the development of outbreaks of mass reproduction of pests and diseases, conducting fundamental research on pests, diseases and stress situations in forests;

— plantation cultivation, creation of highly productive forest cultures;

— creation of an optimized system of molecular markers for genetic certification of elite and plus trees with known localization on the genetic map;

— studies of urban areas and their management.

The university also develops many other scientific directions, the significance of which can grow substantially at any moment, which is determined, first of all, by the request of the industry.

Today, the St. Petersburg State Forest Technical  University continues to develop the scientific and innovative infrastructure as a basis for the creation in the future of a powerful scientific and educational environment that integrates multidisciplinary scientific research and world-class technology to enhance the competitiveness of the timber industry complex in Russia and related industries in an accelerating scientific and technological development and globalization of the world economy.